Sunday, July 10, 2011

Registrar of Companies to submit report on SAOL to Ministry of Corporate Affairs

What RoC must also look into is that SAOL is only a front of Haren Ventures Pte Ltd, Singapore, owned by Haren Kaur where all the registration amounts of all panelists go. $20 million in Indian banks of HVP's distributors/franchisees and another $480 million in UOB bank, Singapore have been frozen. RoC must look into HVP too which is the brain behind SAOL and funds the expenses of the latter. SAOL is only opening a 100% subsidiary in India whose objectives as per their Memorandum of Association is marketing, clients for surveys, product distribution, and content development. The bank account that SAOL plans to open in India after registration is to cater only for expenses of such objectives and not to pay accumulated Reward Points (RPs) of panelists. All these gimmicks are being undertaken to fool the panelists that their payments will be from India itself and, thereby, continue the drive to recruit new panelists, and also fool the governmental and banking authorities both in India and Singapore so that $500 million lying frozen get released to them.

SAOL had planned to launch its new website today, July 10, 2011. However, it is midnight  in India and the launch is yet not on. The popup message is: 


  • Dear SpeakAsian,
  • All of us have been waiting for this moment when the new website would be unveiled. In the next few hours the wait will be over as we would be upgrading and moving to our new website.
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