Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lucknow Mein Software Park Ki Bukwas

The Mayawati Government has sent a proposal to the Central Government for opening of a Software Park in Lucknow on the lines of that in Chennai and some other centers.  Basically, this is a proposal to attract central government funds for the purpose.  Earlier, such proposals by the previous State government of Gundo Ka Badshah, Mulayam Singh had been trashed for lack of infrastructure.  There is no BPO in Lucknow.  Wipro had opened one about three years ago, but had to close the same for lack of infrastructure in the form of reliable electricity and broadband.  The situation is no different now if not worse.  However, with Lok Sabha elections next year and the Congress Party needing outside/underside support of independent outfits, Mayawati thinks she is in a position to do arm twisting despite the fact that her earlier proposal of Rs. 80,000 crores ($20 billion) for development of U.P. had been cold shouldered as all know that most of it would have been wasted on Ambedkar parks with the statue of her mentor and herself.

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