Friday, September 12, 2008

Open Letter to AHDI

Via membership number 150956, you have enrolled Venu Gopalarao Suraneni of Askribe Medical Transcription Services, Hyderabad, India, as an educational member of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.  This is to inform you that he has two web sites: for office training and for online training.  Presumably, this is a certification membership; however, he displays the certificate as a certificate of merit only at his to fool online aspirants who are taking training from their homes.  The training completion certificate also carries the watermark of ahdi.  Based on this false propaganda, he has been time and again raising his fees for online training and fooling aspirants that he would be providing them home-based MT jobs.

He opened his office training program much later after making money by fooling online aspirants to whom the training material was slipshod with little audio practice mostly scrounged from the SUM program’s BMT files.  No IMT or AMT whatsoever.  Other than anatomy and cardio, he provided no other text material.  Some HTML sample report files were provided and aspirants were asked to memorize medical terms and drug names.  He provided outdated medical and drug word finders (I wonder he had a license to do the same).  Lot of sample reports (without dictation) was provided that had been gleamed off various web sites via search of Google.  We were asked to visit another of his web site:  The whole course was in a haphazard manner leaving a trainee totally confused.  Before a trainee had even gone through the course, he was given an ftp address to download feedback and further practice files.  Online queries were seldom answered.  There is no methodology for evaluation of a trainee.  As for the promised home-based job, the trainee was thrown to the wolves by being asked to post their resume at his Yahoo Group:  Very, very few could pass the evaluation tests of firms looking for HBTs.  For the rest, all their investments in installing a computer system at home, inverter, broadband and electricity bills, course fees, their dreams, were crushed by this internet thief who attracts gullible people by projecting himself as a kind and helpful person.

I really wonder how a reputable organization like AHDI could be fooled by this scoundrel whose interest is only in making money who having himself failed in this profession.  Put him to a test in front of you and you would come to know of his skills in MT.  His English is the poorest of the poor.  Does the government of India recognize his online MT course?  The answer is NO.  He got popular on Google by hiring a company to develop a whole lot of keywords so searches would lead to Andhrascribe being shown on the page.

Read all about this scoundrels episodes in India in the chat section at by searching for venu or venugopalarao or grace, etc.  He has more websites that the shirts on my back.

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