Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to Speak Asia - Asia's Largest Survey Group

The Program of Paid Surveys and proposed M-Commerce stands suspended. Please check back in August, 2011. I am answerable to my downlines as to when Speak Asia will pay up.

Speak Asia is playing games with the dues of the panelists as their bank account in Singapore and that of their agents in India have been frozen by the respective governments as Speak Asia had the smell of a MLM business. They propose to launch a new website in July offering white good for which panelists can burn their RPs. For all you know, until confirmed, SAOL may redeem RPs in the ratio of 60:40 i.e. 60% for buying their displayed white goods by their own marketing company YUG and 40% encashment of the RPs. Due to tight liquidity the encashment can be delayed for months.

My contention is that A Company is a separate entity by law. We panelists are neither shareholders nor staff of the company SAOL, paid a salary. Our services have been hired to do surveys for the company just like an advertisement company being hired for carrying out advertising campaigns. We are entitled to demand our contracted amount having regularly done surveys diligently. SAOL is often used the term "Team India" to fool the panelists in thinking that we all are paid staff of this company. We are not. For a upfront fee we have been contracted to do something for the company and that is doing surveys. Whether the company had an outlet for such surveys or not was no concern of ours. That’s it. Pay up or request the governmental authorities to setup a mechanism to pay up our accumulated RPs with the minimum of 6k/11k to those panelists who have not made more than that, from the bank accounts of the company, SAOL/HVP.

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