Friday, June 3, 2011

Speak Asia Speaks Half-Truths

Due to the exposures in the working of Speakasiaonline Pte Ltd, Singapore (SAOL) by Star News and Aaj Tak, on June 2, 2011, came up with a message for its panelists only : “compiled a list of queries arising from various sources and has put them in a FAQ format.” Source:

These are half-truths with evasive answers. The company has agreed that Podium Rings International located in the tax haven of British Virgin Islands is the Holding Company. However, it yet declares Harendra (Haren) Kaur as the Global CEO.

According to their own version of FAQ, for joining SpeakAsiaonline (SAOL) FOR FREE, one has to pay 6k or 11k to Haren Ventures Pte Ltd, Signapore (HVP) for an annual subscription for EZINE TODAY. With this clever move, SAOL has made itself into an innocent “bakra”. The money from panelists via Franchisees/Distributors is not to SAOL but rather HVP who in return pays SAOL for marketing assistance services from Singapore with the use of SAOL portar. Great. Then from where had they accumulated $482 million Rs4800 crores at the time UOB froze their two bank accounts in Singapore? HVP is just a cover up.

The Service Tax department should confirm that the challan for the Service Tax paid is in whose name?

The distributors/franchisees who are the authorized representative of HVP Singapore not SAOL, are also required to provide basic training to Panelists for using the SAOL site effectively. Crap. They only provide you with the subscription code and then register you at SAOL portal for which they get 20 RP.  RP means Reward Points. Up to May 29 they were giving figures in $ and used to state that $1=Rs50. Panelists also register new applicants via their RPs in e-wallet. NO SERVICE TAX IS PAID ON THAT. Do these RPs get transferred to HVP?

Who had taken out the online message only to panelist via
that there would be an increase premium panel rate from $220 to $299 and standard panel rate from $120 to $169 (surprisingly they continue mention dollars here as its is their earning, but as far as earnings of panelists are concerned they mention figures RP. Does that not tantamount to a Double Face?) to compensate for the additional expense in giving parallel income opportunity via e-commerce where all the product transactions will take place, service tax, corporate tax and storage media servers? Speak Asia Group of course. So Media and government departments should target all the SpeakAsia Group companies and not SAOL alone. The Podium company is also part of this group. Accounts of all such companies must be bared to the Indian Media for examination.

What is the source of earnings of SAOL of $82 million proclaimed proudly by its CEO, India at its press conference on May 16, 2011? Surely it cannot be from just providing marketing assistance services from Singapore to HVP with the use of SAOL portal. It has no advertisement based surveys yet. It has no clients to do surveys on their behalf. So what is it?

At for the eyes of panelists only they have mentioned that they have two domains:
Precision Marketing in which “the company engages in filtered/narrow casting of marketing and sales related services. These services to name a few are providing survey panels, Advertising, lead generating and also sales.” None in the first year of operation.

The other is what they have crapping all along “is to provide knowledge, information and training to its panelist.” The knowledge and information is what a panelists gets to read via online EZINE/EBULLETIN on surveys already filled in. Where is the training? As earlier stated above, the same is the domain of the distributors of HVP who are only interested in imparting subscription codes for 6k/11k to new panelists and registering them on the portal of speakasiaonline for which they get paid 1k. All training programs are held by a mix of franchisees and panelist for which each attendee has to pay a fee. The idea behind these training programs is also to get panelists as referrals under whoever is conducting such programs.

Speak Asia continues to crap that they are creating a community of empowered sovereign consumers towards which I have already exposed their nonsense in my earlier posts. For this the company rewards them by RPs for participating in companies activities which to date is only online bogus surveys or for recruiting more suckers. Their plan at GEN-X Bazaar early May was to showoff to selected product manufacturing/selling companies their big panelist size of enthusiastic buyers out to use their E-Shopping Wallet to buy products online. According to Speak Asia there were 1.3 million panelists at this fair. I wonder at this figure as at the Press Conference later their India CEO had announced that they had roughly 1.2 million panelists!.

The above stated news article of June 2, 2011 has failed to give a statistical breakdown of these panelists. Every single panelist can have maximum of three IDs and under each ID a panelist can have 9 sub-panels. Every member of a family can be a panelist including kids so long as they are 14 years in age or above. All family members as panelists can register with a single mobile number, same e-mail ID, and same back account and each of these family members can have max of three IDs with 9 sub-panels. under each.  Most panelists are doing such that thinking that Speak Asia is a gold mine where each of the panelists has to simply do 30 pairs of similar surveys. It is all nonsense that each pair of surveys would be different. So how many panelist were actually their from there so called “Empowered Community of Sovereign Consumers”?

The way these so called "Empowered Community of Sovereign Consumers" are hitting out against all who criticizing the business module of Speak Asia in order that it continues to function like the goose laying  golden eggs from downline referrals (MLM) makes me wonder whether they should be better termed as Empowered Community of Sovereign Cheaters.

Another half-truth being thrown to the panelists is that since UOB has frozen/closed its accounts, it would take them 6-8 weeks to open another bank account in India. So expect no payments until then. No one is going to believe this shit. The actual reason is that the Supreme Court of India has listed their case for hearing sometimes in mid-July which is 6-8 weeks ahead and only after that can they hope to get clearance to operate. In that 6-8 weeks all requisite autonomous and government authorities will complete their paper work to give a “Standing Ovation” to SpeakAsia. The case will drag on and Speak Asia will come forth with some more half-truths for its panelists in order to prevent them in joining the fight against them. The RPs (reward points) will keep accumulating digitally on their portal only.

More information is required from you Haren dear of your group of privately held companies of not only statistical data but also detailed accounts audited or un-audited. Only on your clearing the cloud of doubts of your integrity via the various private companies floated to harness money from panelists would you be allowed to continue operations in India else be banned to Thy Kingdom Come.

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