Saturday, September 10, 2011

Speak Asia makes another frantic effort to fool panelists from filing FIRs

Speak Asia makes another frantic effort to fool panelists from filing FIRs

Pro-SAOL (speakasiaonline) sites are giving Breaking News of the Exit Option commencing from September 10, 2011. However, while is stating that payments will be made from Singapore as and when RBI allows TT transfers, speakasiaonlinemarketing run by Ashok Birwyani that self-proclaims itself as the official site of SAOL until SAOL’s website gets going is stating that payments would be made with RBI allows SAOL banking facility in India. These jokers are attempting to quell the unrest among the panelists who are now resorting to filing FIRs against this company. Various State High Courts are preparing to take up cases on the basis of the FIRs being filed similar on the lines of Andhra Pradesh Court that has frozen bank accounts of distributors/franchisees and re-arrested SAOL employees. The fact is that RBI is in no mood to allow banks to give banking facility to SAOL which is being treated as MLM and whose main source of income will continue to be getting more panelists though showing e-commerce is just an eyewash to fool one and all. The Exit Option actually confiscates panelists Reward Points earned on doing their surveys/opinions.

SAOL, actually run from Mumbai via a private company of its CEO, India, Manoj Kumar makes no mention of the name of their new bank in Singapore after their earlier bank, USB had terminated its accounts. Global CEO, Haren Kaur, and CEO India, Manoj Kumar continue to abscond abroad towards the Indian Authorities propose to issue Red Alert notice via Interpol.

Though these pro-SAOL sites also claim that EoW has no case against SAOL as per the final judgment by Mumbai High Court on Sep 7, yet they continue to harp that the website is in the hands of the EoW!

Promises on dates of restart of website and normalizing of functions have been postponed now for four months.

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